“inspire.create.share is the mantra of RantMedia whose audio, video and print creations have inspired countless others to follow their artistic visions and share them with the world.” 


For the past 10 years, RantMedia has produced and disseminated such programs as Patrolling with Sean Kennedy, Tales from the Afternow, and Newreal in addition to a number of other programs on internet radio. In order to promote and spread Rant further across the net and into craft, I have created a version of the Rant logo to knit or crochet. I used the chart to make a few washcloths since, along with soap, they’re a great tool for the clean wog. The possibilites, however, are endless.

RantMedia: A Chart | download | @ravelry |


If you’re new to Rant and interested in what they have to offer, check it out at www.rantmedia.ca and spread the word.

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